Student Blogs

A day in the life of Kaori Baba, student of Informatics



Wake up. Even in December it can be sunny in the morning, although the days are shorter than in the summer, when it gets light very early.

I have a very slow start as my classes don’t start until the afternoon. Before heading to University, I do some paperwork and life ‘admin’ like budgeting and checking the post office opening hours and sending deadlines for the Christmas season.

I always keep all my receipts and check then against my monthly budget. It is important to stay up to date with your money.



I feel like I’m getting a headache, which could be because I am working too hard! It is nearly the end of term, and sometimes I work overnight on my projects and assignments.  To try and stop my headache, I take medicine before I go to university.  I have found that medicine in the UK is super cheap – this paracetamol is only 49p!



At midday, I start to make my way to uni.  It takes 50 minutes from where I live in Hove and I often use the nearest bus stop to my house.  The bus goes through the centre of Brighton, and so it is very easy to jump of the bus and do some shopping if you have time before class, on the way to the campus.



I’ve arrived in uni and head to the library to start working on a group assignment with my course mates.



It’s time for some food and an energy boost.  I normally eat at home as it saves money, but the university has nice sandwiches, so I choose one from one of the cafes on campus.



As I’m leaving the library, I notice that they’ve turned on the lights on the campus Christmas tree!  Christmas has come to Sussex.



The tree in my house in Hove is fantastic: my landlady is the best.  I just wish I could relax with some wine and enjoy the festive feeling… but I can’t as I don’t have much time – assignment due dates are approaching!